Smart Steps Montessori ensures uninterrupted care, love and attention  to every child. We cultivate their love of learning and exploration through qualified implementation of the AMI montessori method, it engages the child using hands-on montessori materials, allowing them to progress in a co-operative community of learners. Children enjoy daily opportunities for creativity in all areas of development, both in thought and in expression. Freedom of choice with good guidance provide an excellent environment for child development which is the cornerstone of learning.

Montessori method  Montessori materials are known for their simplicity, beauty and clarity of purpose and present all concepts in a creative form. It also combines sight, sound, touch and movement to enforce comprehension and memory, children also learn to be responsible and respectful by establishing manners in everyday activities while teaching skills to children like reading, writing, math, science, culture, arts, grace and courtesy.

Montessori children. Having advocated for early childhood Montessori education all my life, we have also raised our own three children in Montessori environments, and have witnessed exceptional results in their later years by invoking their love of learning. I would like to share their achievements with you below.

Eldest child M.D at (Parkland Hospital, Dallas)
Middle child PhD Chemistry student at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Youngest is Bachelor's in Computer Science from UT (University of Texas)

Ensure that your child benefits from an AMI Montessori environment. Explore our website to learn more about Montessori approach of child development.
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        Learn - Create - Play
  • Fully equipped AMI Montessori environments.
  • Children ages 18 months to 6 years.
  • Low teacher to child ratio (1:7) per class.
  • AMI Montessori curriculum coupled with Music - Yoga - Origami - Nature - Cooking - Creativity - Communication.
  • Large outdoor play area.
  • Fully balanced academic, social and cultural environment.
  • Nutritious snacks.

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Enrichment for life
     How the montessori helps your child

  • Structures the mind.
  • Learning method inspires creativity.
  • Curriculum focused on hands-on learning.
  • Children naturally learn self-discipline
  • Encourages cooperative play.
  • Learning Is child-centered.
  • Teaches children community care.
  • Teaches children empathy and care.

AMI certfied montessori director since 1991