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Montessori enrichment for your child

Some well known Montessorians

Sergey Brin & Larry Page, Founders of
Jeff Bezos, founder,
Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple)
Jimmy Wales (Founder of Wikipedia)
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (deceased), former first lady (John F. Kennedy)
George Cloony (Actor)
Kathrine Graham Pulitzer prize-winning author and Former owner & editor of the Washington Post
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize winner for Literature
Will Wright Video game pioneer, creator of the Sims
Prince William and Prince Harry, British Royal family

How does a AMI Montessori education benefit your child?

Experience and research both indicate that children attending Montessori schools tend to be creative thinkers, competent, self-disciplined, socially well adjusted, and happy. The AMI Montessori curriculum is much broader than many other programs. The Montessori program teaches more than just the basics, it has exercises to develop the child's capacities - his or her ability to control movement (motor development),to use senses (perceptual development), to think (cognitive development), to intend (volitional development), and to gain conscious awareness and control of emotions (affective or emotional development), to use language (language development), to belong, have friends, and be a contributing member of a group (social development), and have an ability to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behavior (moral development). In this way, the program helps the child become a competent learner.

Creative Thinking: Imagination powers the awesome ability to comprehend abstractions of every kind, to see something in one's mind that one cannot see in person or touch with the hands. We ask the elementary child, for example, to imagine other planets and, ultimately, the whole universe! By exploring the world they can see and touch first, children develop a strong foundation from which to launch their imaginations. Comfort and success with a whole range of creative, open-ended activities unleashes the neurological potential of the child in Montessori system.

Competence: Children in Montessori schools are often above grade level in their basic skills. Also, since the Montessori education is comprehensive, children are often exceptionally knowledgeable in a number of other areas as well.

Self-discipline: Montessori schools are well known for children's development of self-discipline. Children choose to work long and hard. They treat materials and others with respect. They display patience, and resistance to temptation, and the ability to attend for long periods.

Social Adjustment: Montessori school children usually strike a visitor as friendly, empathetic, and cooperative. The classroom is a cheerful social community where children happily help each other. It is not uncommon to see a child offer to help another child. Also, learning social grace and courtesy are a part of the Montessori curriculum.

Happiness: Most parents of children in a Montessori school comment on how much their children love school.

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