Our Motto "Enrichment for Life"

It inspires us to see our students grow each day, and their willingness to analyze what is in front of them and thrive is amazing. Passion at Smart Steps Montessori is that the children have the tools to grow, develop, be analytical and to become independent, all while respecting themselves, others, and their environment. We allow the children to look internally at themselves and become an active, growing member of the community. This is what education is about, preparing children for life through enrichment.

Smart Steps Montessori empowers students based on their respect for each child as a unique individual. Observing the children carefully, following their lead, and give them the tools needed to develop their strengths as well as the courage to master challenges. Each activity is divided into simple parts and presented in a sequence that allows the child to experience success at every step. Carefully observing the child interest and abilities we strive to find the right material to present at the right moment.
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SHIPRA * * * * *
My son started going to Smart Step almost a year ago.He loves going to his school every morning and has learnt a lot .He is so happy there and loves his teacher Ms Jamila and the friends he's made.The rooms are full of varied and engaging activities to help kids grow at their own pace with lessons to help socialize children. The patience and love Ms Jamila has for each child is unmatched.  I don't think she will ever know how grateful we are for her.I know how hard it is to find right place for our little ones,but I'm glad I found one(smart steps).

ARMA * * * * *
This is the second year that my son is attending Smart Steps Montessori and I am extremely pleased with the decision I made. I visited several other Montessori schools in the area and none compared to this one.  All the other schools boasted about their Montessori curriculum yet the classrooms seemed full, almost to capacity, and it was very loud. Seemed contradictory to what I head read about the philosophy. When I walked into Smarts Steps, I knew we had found the perfect place. The student/teacher ratio was much more what I expected and all the students were so well behaved and respectful. All the children were happy and quietly working with their activities.  My son quickly adapted to the other students and the learning method. Mrs. Jamila is very patient, sweet and the children love her.  She truly loves being a teacher and it shows through her students and how much they have all grown intellectually and socially. My son just turned 4 years of age and he is already learning the things that my 7 year old is learning in the 1st grade.  The key to any great teacher is recognizing the potential in each child and helping to foster it.  That is exactly what Mrs. Jamila is best at doing.  If you are looking for a school that will set your child up for success academically or socially, then this is the perfect environment for it.  My only regret is that I did not find Smart Steps sooner; otherwise, I would have sent my daughter there as well.

MEDEA * * * * *
I ve been a Montessori mom for 4 years and all my 4 kids have attended Smart Steps Montessori, this an authentic Montessori school based on Maria Montessori curriculum. The environment is calm and kids learn good manners, as well as lots of academics. 2 of my kids are now in the public school and they are way beyond the average thanks to the Montessori curriculum. I strongly recommend Miss Jamila Zafar who is a loving teacher and makes sure she has a  personal relationship with each kid.

RITA * * * * *
My son has been going to Smart Steps Montessori for more than a year now. We are really thankful that he can be part of this wonderful experience. Jamila is a really mindful and very well prepared Montessori teacher. She gives one-on-one attention to each child, her school materials are excellent, she provides the children with lots of learning opportunities. She has a wonderful supporting and loving personality which embraces the children around her. She teaches the children find meaningful ways to enjoy their time with each other. My child is happy every day when he goes to school and when I pick him up. Thank you Jamila.

RACHEL * * * * *
This is an excellent Montessori school and I highly recommend it. My daughter learned so much in the few months that she was there. She really enjoyed it. Jamila is an excellent teacher and really cares about her students. The low teacher student ratio only benefited my daughter. She learned so much in such a short time. I thank Jamila for all her work in teaching my daughter.

MINA  * * * * *
I am extremely happy and impressed with Smart Steps Montessori. My son has very much advanced in his vocabulary, thanks to a very low guide/student ratio. I highly recommend this very outstanding preschool!

JESSICA * * * * *
My son ages out of his awesome preschool this year, so my husband and I wanted to review it.  I told my husband that I'd write a google review if he wrote one for yelp. He asked me to post it for him (he doesn't have a profile, and didn't want to come off as a poser/bought review.)  See below.  I love this man.

We moved our son from Stepping Stone to Smart Steps just before he turned three. 

Honestly, I quite liked Stepping Stone and the teachers there.  That said, I had read good things about the Montessori method, and Smart Steps was both closer and more economical.

Stepping Stone was fine, but it could be rambunctious; our son, back then at least, was quite quiet, and my impression was that he found it slightly stressful. I didn't blame him.  I had just assumed that was how it was with a bunch of youngsters together all day; If we happened to pick him up early, when they were in full flow, we would likely be met with a cacophony of screaming, reprimanding, and other types of chaos.

When we arranged to have a tour of Smart Steps, the contrast was very clear.  Though we had arrived during an outdoor play period, the children,  (spanning two to five years old), were all playing quietly together in a toy boat.  Nobody was acting up, or indeed took the opportunity of Miss Jamila being distracted (with us) to act up.  In the 2+ years our son has attended Smart Steps, that experience proved not to be a carefully staged anomaly.

I'm not suggesting it is like walking into a firm of accountants, but I am always impressed when I stop by and the children are just getting on, doing their work independently, without fuss.  I'm sure not all Montessori schools are equal, but I understand this to be a common experience, and a testament to the method, and Miss Jamila's skill with it.

One of the peculiarities of traditional day-care, is the 'artwork' that the children pretend to produce. I would collect an ornate hand-print Thanksgiving turkey creation from his Stepping Stone teacher; blanking the elephant-in-the-room who knew my son had little-to-no involvement in the art's creation, since he was both a) not very good at art and b) two.  Maybe it burned a few minutes of the day, maybe the parents expected it, but it always seemed a little silly.

A refreshing part of the Smart Steps experience has been that the stack of art we receive at the end of a school week has dropped markedly in quality.  Refreshing, since it indicates my son is clearly wholly responsible for it.  A squiggle on a bit of folded paper, though less likely to find a place on the fridge of a grandparent, was clearly the genuine idea and execution of the boy himself.  These pieces have proven a good gauge of his progress (though art is still not his thing), and a sign of the bounded independence the children are given.

Though our son's reading and writing are good for his age, it is this ability to be constructively independant that I am most impressed by.  He has taken the Montessori attitude home, and on a rainy day is well capable of entertaining himself by setting and completing a project, needing neither to be told to do so, or oversight.  Though he graduates soon, I am really hoping we are able to find a Montessori school as good as Smart Steps for him to continue his education.

NAZOOK * * * * *
My daughter has been attending Smart Steps Montessori since May (2010). I can't say enough good things about this school.Every week, my daughter brings home some of the projects they work on. It's so exciting to see how she's flourished over the past year (and continues to do so).Since the guide/student ratio is very low, the kids get a lot of individual attention in a very caring and nurturing environment....not to mention educational :-)Every day when I pick up my daughter, she is happy and either sings all the way home or tries to tell me what they worked on that day. Most of the time when I go pick her up she doesn't even want to leave! :-)There are tons of Montessori materials (not all out at the same time, of course). We also like the fact that we get constant updates (verbal, email and/or one on one meetings).  My husband and I highly recommend this school.

VICTORIA   * * * * *
I would recommend Smart Steps Montessori to parents. Bringing Giancarlo (2 years and 8 months) has been the best for him and my whole family, the one to one attention that Mrs. Yamila has given him made Giancarlo a different boy, he is able to express himself with words, he comes home singing and practicing what he learn he is becoming independent and is not just Montessori System is the experience and knowledge she has on childhood Education and Positive Discipline.

HELEN  * * * * *
My son just started at the school and we love it. He already learned so much in this short time and his teacher is so nice. When I visited the school first, the students came to me and I was impressed to see what these little ones already know. I knew from the first time that this is the right place for my little son.

SANDRA  * * * * *
We are very happy that our granddaughter is attending Smart Steps Montessori.  Annalisa has learned much in the few months she's been there.  It's a professional, Montessori environment with a low student-teacher ratio that allows for a very nurturing spirit for each individual child.  Jamila has a gift for guiding the children to experience new information without the stress of learning.  She frequently updates the activities and keeps it interesting and fun.  In addition to traditional topics, Annalisa is expanding her awareness of many other things like yoga and origami. Jamila's passion for what she is doing at Smart Steps is very evident and Annalisa loves her for it!

PATRICK  * * * * *
So many wonderful things to say about Smart Steps. First of all, Jamila is amazing! My Son absolutely loves her. She is incredibly patient and nurturing and so enthusiastic about the montessori program and the benefits of this program for children. My Son has made serious strides in his overall development at Smart Steps. He has gained a tremendous amount of confidence in his abilities since he started with Jamila. Although he has always been a very bright boy, it's clear that Smart Steps has given him a real opportunity to learn and develop his learning abilities more independently. Truly, this place is amazing! I could not be happier with this place!

AARON  * * * * *
My wife and I did a good deal of searching before finding Smart Steps Montessori School. Once we walked in we knew it was the place for our son to be. The administrator, Jamila, is very kind and patient. Our boy has learned a great deal from her and interacting with other children. All of this is and the price is also very good. After only 6 months I can't imagine have sending our son to anyplace else. I'm so glad we found her.
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Enrichment for life
AMI Montessori System focuses on the following aspects.

  • Learning that includes all aspects of growth
  • Freedom and responsibility
  • Respect for others and mannered behavior
  • Cooperative and collaborative improvement vs coercion
  • Creating a climate for independent thinking
  • Presenting the child with endless opportunities to explore the environment and self enrichment.

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